Nation or empire building?

For we have made lies our refuge,
and in falsehood we have taken shelter.
– Isaiah 28:15 (ESV)

Why do our leaders talk about “nation building”? We are not building Afghanistan.  We are tearing the place apart while building our own empire. I was hopeful Trump would be different. He talked about peace, talked about withdrawing our troops, talked about minding our own business and allowing other countries to govern themselves. But now it looks like he is just like Bush and Obama.

It’s not possible to enforce democracy. If a nation does not choose it for themselves, we cannot force it. But even this puts too positive a spin on America’s interference. How many times have they chosen their own rulers, only to have the US military interfere to get our preferred guys in power.

I had to stop listening to Trump’s address after the first few minutes. I was in the middle of a long drive and just couldn’t stand it. I heard the bit about Pakistan later. Yikes. “Let’s extend the war to a new country. There are still parts of the Middle East and South Asia that don’t hate us.”

Where is the next Ron Paul?

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